Production Sound Mixer & Recordist for Moving Pictures


  • Get the clear dialog and production sound your project needs to succeed
  • A sound recordist from the start, with an Emmy-winning career as producer, director, DP and editor..
  • Brings extensive double-system recording experience to HD and DSLR production from my feature, commercial and documentary experience .
  • HD broadcast quality tools deliver digital clarity using world class mics, wireless systems, multi-track recorders and wireless digital 4-channel camera hops

You only have one chance to capture the production sound that will tell the aural part of your story. Ensure that your viewers hear the image as clearly as they see it.

What are your production sound needs?


  • Production Sound Mixer & Recordist
  • One Person - Boom, Wirelesses, Mixer, Recorder optional
  • Two Person Crews - Production Sound Mixer, Multiple Wirelesses & Boom Operator
  • Sync Playback to Timecode, with TC Slates and camera feeds, amplified speakers
  • Boom, Sound Utility & PA crew

Sound Equipment

  • Single System - Breakaway Snakes or Lectro 4-Ch Digital Camera Hops
  • Double System - Record up to 12 tracks/8 isolated channels. Sync via TC to SD, HD, and DSLR Cameras
  • Redundant backup multi-track digital recording
  • Schoeps, Neuman, Sennhieser and Sanken booms & shotgun and plant mics
  • Lectrosonics Venue Field wireless mic receiver - 6 channels
  • 11 Lectrosonics Wireless Mic Systems with Sanken, Sennheiser and Countryman mics
  • Lectrosonics D4 Digital Camera Hops - 4 channels (can include TC) - Receivers for 2 cameras
  • Lectrosonics IFB and Wireless Comtek Program Monitoring
  • Time Code Slating - Wireless or Jam Synced
  • Shoot Sync To Playback with locked Time Code
  • Clearcom 2-Channel PL System w/MasterUnit & 8-beltpacks w/ Beyer headsets, slate lamp, audible alert, talent IFB interface


  • AVD Studio/Field Teleprompter with TFT LCD VGA display
  • Counter-balanced Camera Mount & Heavy Duty QuickSet Fluid Head Tripod
  • ZAPromot software and dedicated wifi Macbook w/ Griffin Controller

I try to accommodate your budget

Times are tight and all of us in the freelance community are adjusting to new ways of working. I have recorded features, national commercials and corporate projects with high budgets. I've also done a lot of pro-bono and independent projects. I seek both a fair compensation and to work within your budget. Sometimes we find alignment on a budget and sometimes not, but I promise you an engaging discussion of your project. Please give me a call. - Rick


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